SonicJPNews archive blog: 'Sonic AT Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games': Famitsu interview with Kasahara-san


'Sonic AT Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games': Famitsu interview with Kasahara-san

News from 2019.06.27
Archived on 2019.06.27

Famitsu released an interview conducted on E3 with Eigo Kasahara-san, the director of the upcoming smartphone app game 'Sonic AT Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games'!

Here is a brief summary.


Original Article:
191ヵ国で競い合う!『ソニック AT 東京2020オリンピックTM』の詳細を深掘り。ディレクター・笠原英伍氏にインタビュー【E3 2019】



Compete with 191 countries! Details to 'Sonic AT Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games'. Interview with the director Mr. Eigo Kasahara [E3 2019]

Reason of releasing an additional title to the Olympics series other than 'Mario & Sonic', and this on smartphones:

Since the Olympic games this time will be held in Japan, SEGA was able to obtain the rights to releasing Olympics-themed games on every platform, which is the first initiative of the development. Additionally, since this is going to be the first mobile title based on Olympic games, we wanted to take this challenge using SEGA's mascot character, Sonic. We are aiming for a gamestyle with which anyone can enjoy a speedy game with simple controls.

Reason for choosing smartphones as the platform:

Home consoles games can only be played by those people who live in such region that sells specific hardwares, but smartphone games can be played by wide range of people, no matter where they live or how old they are.

Gamestyle & Story:

The game proceeds with a story. The stage will mostly be based on Tokyo, where the Olympic games will be held. Various sightseeing spots of Tokyo serve as one spot and prepare different games. By clearing a match, players can proceed on with their path and the story. The outline of the story is that Eggman has seized Tokyo's famous places, so the player has to win the match against Eggman at each spot and take the place back.


"We would like to make as many characters from the Sonic series as possible to appear. The first character you can play as is Sonic, and as you proceed with the gameplay, Knuckles, Tails and so on will be unlocked."


The point of this game is the speedy feeling that is unique to Sonic. For example, in hurdling, the character will run automatically and the player only need to tap the screen to jump over the hurdle. The speed increases with each sccessful clearing of hurdle.

Social elements:

  1. Worldwide ranking
  2. Sending your own best time to the players from other countries to challenge them (a 'Ghost match', so to say). Winning against the challenger gives you the flag of the opponent' country. Collection of all 191 counrtries' flags is another purpose of this game.

Payment system:

The first area will be available for free. If players are interested in the rest of the game, they can buy the whole game with one-time purchase.

Volume of the game:

Planned are 15 games + extra courses.
Additionally, there will be mini games unrelated to the Olympic games depending on the sightseeing spot.
Another element of collectibles are the medals obtainable by achieving certain time score in each game. Copmleteing these would take some time.

A title for introducing Japan

"We hope that people from other countries will get to know Japan better through this title, alongside with enjoying the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. We are also preparing trivia and tips to sightseeing spots in the map."

Since it's a smartphone app, is there any plan to synching the app to the Tokyo Olympics games?

"The idea is there. It would be convenient to know the medal list of the Olympic games in real time on this app. However, we are still considering if this function is possible to add."

When will we know more information on the game?

"The release date is still far (spring 2020), but we are proceeding with development so that we can show something new at TGS (Tokyo Game Show). However, since the game is still under development, this can shift."

Which part of the game are you giving your most effort to?

"I try to adjust and make every game fun and replayable. Peresonally, I'm cheering for the Japanese badminton team at Tokyo 2020, so I'm doing my best for this game in our title too. *laughs*

Message to the fans:

"We are proceeding with the development while doing our best to translate know-how's of console games to a smartphone title. We want to make every game easy to play and replayable. We are going to make it good, so please look forward to it!"

- - - - - - - - - - - -

That's about it! Are you excited about the new title? I am!
I didn't expect this game to have some stories involving Eggman vs Sonic and co. Very cool!
Also I can't wait to see Sonic characters introducing Japan and Japanese culture. Maybe we can even visit SEGA HQ in the game, both the old and new ones? I'd love to see that.

Let's wait for more details to come in the future!
And don't foget to visit the original article, it's got some cool pictures too!

Original Article:
191ヵ国で競い合う!『ソニック AT 東京2020オリンピックTM』の詳細を深掘り。ディレクター・笠原英伍氏にインタビュー【E3 2019】

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