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NDW's direct interview with TSR teams #4: Team Vector

News from 2019.05.14
Archived on 2019.05.14

Nintendo Dreams conducted an interview with each team of Team Sonic Racing!

The full article can be found on their vol. 302 issued this month, but they are also releasing a part of these interviews online!

Each interview-part will be released on Nintendo Dreams Web (NDW) from April 23rd onwards every Tuesday towards the game release on May 21st.

And I will translate all of them and collect them here on my archive blog!

Schedule for Team Sonic Racing racers direct interview:
#1: Team Sonic (April 23rd) - ORIGINAL TRANSLATION
#2: Team Rose (April 30th) - ORIGINAL TRANSLATION
#3: Team Dark (May 7th) - ORIGINAL / TRANSLATION
#4: Team Vector (May 14th) - you are here 
#5: Team Eggman (May 21st) - ORIGINAL TRANSLATION

The third team they interviewed is... Team Vector!

【特別企画】『チームソニックレーシング』レーサー直撃インタビュー! その4「チーム ベクター」

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"[Special Project] 'Team Sonic Racing' Direct interview with racers! #4: Team Vector"

Sonic series' first team car racing game 'Team Sonic Racing'. The interaction between characters is also a charm point of this game. So we interviewed the racers directly!

Team Sonic Racing has a unique rule of competing in a team of three and aiming for the memberes' total best rank.
Since cooperation between team members is the key, the race is very lively with racers talking to each other during the match! Additionally, characters who recently had less chance to show up are joining the race too, and they show what they are capable of in 'Adventure Mode', in which they will challenge Grand Prix Race held by the mysterious host 'Dodon-Pa'.

Pic: Grand Prix host 'Dodon-Pa'
SS1: Sonic "Let's go check it out! Don't worry, even if anything happens, it's going to be fine for us!"
SS2: Dodon-Pa "Welcome to 'Wisp Circuit', the first stage of 'Grand Prix Race'!"

And this time, we conducted a "direct" Q&As with the characters who are going to challenge the Grand Prix Race as racers!
We are going to deliver this interview for each team in 5 separated articles every Tuesday.

For those of you who are huge fans of Sonic and his gang, and also for those who are not yet very familiar with them - please get to know their charm with this interview!

By the way, this is a project linked with Nintendo Dreams June 2019 issue (vol. 302).
There are questions and answers that can only be found on the paper magazine, so don't miss them!

Guests for the interview #4 are... Blaze, Silver and Vector from 'Team Vector'!

Blaze the Cat (Speed Type)
An imperial princess from an alternate dimension with the duty to protect 'Sol Emeralds'. She is usually calm and serious, speaking in mannish manner. As she tries to devote herself to her role, she can be too strict to herself. She can control flames at will.

Silver the Hedgehog (Technique Type)
A hedgehog who came from the future to change the ruined world. With his psychokinesis, he can move various objects or fly in the air. He has strong sense of justice and is an optimist, but he sometimes rushes headlong to achieve his goal.

Vector the Crocodile (Power Type)
A detective and the leader of Chaotix Detective Agency. He is easy-going, loud-mouthed and quick to start a fight, but he is also clearheaded and shows his sharp deductive abilities from time to time. He loves cash so much that he would do any work that pays, but he will never get involved in anything illegal or dirty. As he can't leave people who are in trouble, the agency is always in need of money.

Q: What do you think of the unique rule of 'team racing' this time?
Vector: I'm originally running the Chaotix Detective Agency with Charmy and Espio as a trio, so the team race this time is perfect for me, y'know. Well, the members are a little unreliable though.
Silver: By unreliable members, do you mean us?
Vector: S-Silver!? That's not nice of you eavesdropping like that. *sweating* No, don't get me wrong. I was just talking about how we 'Team Vector' is the best team out of all.
Blaze: Hm, Team Vector you say... Since when did we decide on that team name? We don't remember appointing you as the leader, do we?
Vector: H-hey, don't say such harsh thing... *crying*

Q: What do you like about your own machine?
Silver: My machine's characteristic is the high mobility like the ones made with technology from the future. In fact, this kind of machines were used in my era too... I wonder how Dodon-Pa obtained such technology...
Blaze: Dodon-Pa sure is suspicious. My machine is made to amplify the energy from flames for achieving high-output. Being able to develop such complicated technology, he sure is not ordinary.
Vector: Hey hey, you two! Don't be so serious. Forget that and look at my machine! The huge speakers attached on the back are so cool!

SS: Silver's racing machine has sharp design that reminds us of futuristic cars!

Q: Out of the items you can use in-race, which one is your favorite?
Silver: Items? Do you mean those Wisps we can use for attacking? I don't like to attack opponents like a coward, so Jade Wisp's 'Ghost' is the only one I'm found of. With it, I can go stealth and concentrate on racing.
Blaze: Let me see... At the end, I think the ability of Red Wisp's 'Burst' fits me as a pyrokinesist. As I can drive while leaving a trace of flames behind, it does not let opponents to get close to me.
Vector: My absolute favorite is Magenta Wisp's 'Rhythm'! With its loud music, it will distract opponents from the race - moreover, its cool rhythm lifts me up!

SS: 'Burst' leaves flames behind and spins opponents. It's perfect for Blaze!

Q: Which one is your favorite course?
Silver: I was impressed by the beauty of Planet Wisp as I visited there for the first time. 'Wisp Circuit' where we drive through the great nature or 'Mother's Canyon' where Mother Wisp lives are truly breathtaking. However, I couldn't stand seeing the remaining scars on that beautiful planet left by Eggman...
Blaze: Indeed, in 'Doctor's Mine', it seems like the place is left just the way it was invaded by Eggman.
Vector: Come on, why are you feeling down! Favorite course you ask me? The Casino area with 'Bingo Party' and 'Roulette Road', of course! It's my chance to make a fortune at a single stroke!

SS: Neon-bright 'Bingo Party'. Huge poker cards and casino chips are stacked everywhere!

Q: Are there any racer or a team you consider them to be your rival?
Silver: Let's see... It's going to be a test of speed, so my strongest rivals are Sonic and Shadow. Both of them are riding on a speed type machine so I can't beat them alone, but I believe that we can win against them as a team!
Blaze: I do not take these people as my rivals, but there are two more female racers in this race, correct? Yes, I mean Amy and Rouge. Seeing them doing their very best motivates me to do the same.
Vector: To me, everyone is my rival! Because I hear that only the champion team will get the prize money. Everybody's eyes are shining with greed, so I can't lose by any means!
Blaze: I think you are the only one going after the prize though...

Q: Please tell us your passion for racing!
Silver: Since the host Dodon-Pa is still covered in mysteries, there are some uncertainty about the race, but that's another problem from the competition itself. If it's a battle, I can't lose! We will grab the victory with our teamwork!
Blaze: That is right. I am a newcomer for racing, but as an imperial princess I cannot present shameful sight of me. If we are joining the match, we shall become the champion!
Vector: I like your passion! As you can see, my team is so ready to win, with strong members with no interest other than the goal of victory! We are definitely going to become the champion and get plenty of prize money! Ha-ha-ha-ha!

As a last note,
This "Team Sonic Racing", in which Sonic and his friends get on their racing cars to challenge dynamic racing in a team of three, will have various courses which are made brand-new or inspired from past works' stages, must-not-miss BGMs for the series' fans, customization to make the one-and-only machine, etc., etc. ...

This attractive game for every Sonic fan and car racing fan is finally coming out on May 21st!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That's it for translation!

What do you think of it?

It was interesting to see Silver saying 'I don't like cowardly means to fight' when he literary attacked Sonic from behind without any warning in Sonic 06. XD But this Silver may be from another future where the whole 06 didn't take place thanks to Solaris blown away by Elise.
Also it's nice to see Silver as nature-lover as he is, so pure of him!

Another question here is: do Silver and Blaze in TSR know each other? They seem to get along very well, but it's not clear if they are already allies before the story starts, or the three of them somehow met each other just before and happened to build a team together to join the race. Because if they don't, it can be that these three really don't know each other! Which makes it pretty funny to see them in one team.
How did they meet? Why did they join the race? I'm very curious now!

Blaze with her firmness and elegance, just like her from any game. And this is the first time she takes part in a race! That's kinda cute.
Also, as she mentions, the machines are really high-tech with special abilities perfectly customized to fit the driver. How did Dodon-Pa know about the abilities of each racer? Who is behind him? Is it the one with the name starting with E, followed by double G's, and a man? Who could it be?

And Vector is either trying really hard to lift up the rather serious mood of the other two, or just being really easy-going and not minding about the other two at all. Which is fine by me. :D Good to see him mention Team Chaotix though!

Let's hope more about the team dynamic will be unveiled in the Adventure Mode!

The next interview will be with Team Eggman, coming in a week on May 21th - the release date of the game!
This team (?) will be pretty unique too - Team Rose was almost two teams in one, but this one is the other way around! Will Dr. Eggman speak for his minion robots too? By attaching paper mustache or cat ears and cat tail? What is his evil plan this time?

Let's look forward to it!

And if you haven't already, check the original article for cool pictures!

And if you want to read the whole interview immediately, and don't want to miss any questions and answers which were left out for this online version, if you can, buy your Nintendo Dream now!
Nintendo Dreams June 2019 issue (vol. 302) ( link)

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