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NDW's direct interview with TSR teams #1: Team Sonic

News from 2019.04.23
Archived on 2019.04.23

Nintendo Dreams conducted an interview with each team of Team Sonic Racing!
The full article can be found on their vol. 302 issued this month.

But they are also releasing a part of each interview online! How nice.
From today, each interview-part will be released on Nintendo Dreams Web (NDW) every Tuesday towards game release on May 21st.

And I will translate all of them and collect them here on my archive blog!

Alright, let's get going!
The first team they interviewed is... Team Sonic!

【特別企画】『チームソニックレーシング』レーサー直撃インタビュー! その1「チーム ソニック」

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"[Special Project] 'Team Sonic Racing' Direct interview with racers! #1: Team Sonic"

Sonic series' first team car racing game 'Team Sonic Racing'. The interaction between characters is also a charm point of this game. So we interviewed the racers directly!

Team Sonic Racing has a unique rule of competing in a team of three and aiming for the memberes' total best rank.
Since cooperation between team members is the key, the race is very lively with racers talking to each other during the match! Additionally, characters who recently had less chance to show up are joining the race too, and they show what they are capable of in 'Adventure Mode', in which they will challenge Grand Prix Race held by the mysterious host 'Dodon-Pa'.

Pic: Grand Prix host 'Dodon-Pa'
SS1: Sonic "Let's go check it out! Don't worry, even if anything happens, it's going to be fine for us!"
SS2: Dodon-Pa "Welcome to 'Wisp Circuit', the first stage of 'Grand Prix Race'!"

And this time, we conducted a "direct" Q&As with the characters who are going to challenge the Grand Prix Race as racers!
We are going to deliver this interview for each team in 5 separated articles every Tuesday.

For those of you who are huge fans of Sonic and his gang, and also for those who are not yet very familiar with them - please get to know their charm with this interview!

By the way, this is a project linked with Nintendo Dreams June 2019 issue (vol. 302).
There are questions and answers that can only be found on the paper magazine, so don't miss them!

Schedule for Team Sonic Racing racers direct interview:
#1: Team Sonic (April 23rd) - you are here
#2: Team Rose (April 30th) - ORIGINAL TRANSLATION
#3: Team Dark (May 7th) - ORIGINAL TRANSLATION
#4: Team Vector (May 14th) - ORIGINAL TRANSLATION
#5: Team Eggman (May 21st) - ORIGINAL TRANSLATION

Today's guests are... Sonic, Tails and Knuckles from 'Team Sonic'!

Sonic the Hedgehog (Speed Type)
As you already know, the sound-of-speed blue hedgehog. An easy-going freedom lover who can't stand injustice. This time he hops into his racing car and aims for the fastest in Grand Prix Race together with his teammates!

Miles 'Tails' Prower (Technique Type)
A kind-hearted little fox who has two tails. He loves to work with machines and has been supporting Sonic's adventures with self-invented mechas as his sidekick. So handling racing cars is piece of cake for him!?

Knuckles the Echidna (Power Type)
An echidna who is Sonic's rival and fighting friend. His strength is power and he is hot-headed, but he often ends up teaming up with Sonic and Tails for adventures.

Q: What do you think of the unique rule of 'team racing' this time?
Tails: The only condition Dodon-Pa, the host of the race, had was this 'team competition' in a team of three, so I was suspicious at first. But now I'm enjoying the cooperation between teammates, so I'm thankful to him now!
Sonic: A simple speed battle won't make the match fun, so we should give others some advantages. *laughs*
Knuckles: Hey, why are you looking at me, Sonic! Are you saying that I'm the 'advantage' for others?!
Sonic: Hahaha... I'm just kidding, Knuckles. *laughs* If it's about teamwork, no other team can beat us!

Q: What do you like about your own machine?
Sonic: Chacteristics of my machine are blue streamlined body with red wheels, plus the light-weight and high-power engine specialized for high-speed function. The way it speeds through with blue trace behind looks just like me, don't you think?
Tails: I like the simple design of my car that took away unnecessities and went for functional beauty like a classic racing car. Despite its looks, it also carries high-output engine and ability to drive on unpaved roads.
Knuckles: Sonic and Tails are just talking about colors and designs and whatnot - what I like about my machine is its powerfulness. It's got the power to crush down anything that gets in my way, even rocks or ice!

Q: Out of the items you can use in-race, which one is your favorite?
Sonic: In-race items? Ahh, you mean Wisps. Many Wisps are lending us their power for our races, but I like White Wisp the most because I can speed up even more with its 'Boost'!
Tails: Let me see, I think I like Orange Wisp's 'Rocket'. It's fun to aim to shoot it while driving, and it feels really good if it hits! I feel a bit bad for the one who get hit by it, though. *bitter smile*
Knuckles: My favorite is Black Wisp's 'Bomb'. It's not easy to aim it well, but when I manage to blast away many machines with its huge explosion, it really feels good!

Q: Which one is your favorite course?
Sonic: My favorite course... all of the courses are fun to drive on, but I like the first one we were on, the 'Wisp Circuit' because the road is paved and I can speed through the way I want to. Even though only half of the course is paved. *lol*
Tails: Yeah, I also like 'Wisp Circuit' because it's easy to drive on. My machine doesn't lose speed by driving on the grass field surrounding the course, so I can choose to do more dynamic cuts than others♪
Knuckles: By the way I don't like 'Boo's House' where we drive inside a pyramid... There are so many ghosts and King Boom Boo everywhere trying to fool people, and it recalls my unpleasant memories from the past...

Q: Are there any racer or a team you consider them to be your rival?
Sonic: Rival, huh... I'd say my rival in this race is Shadow. He always tries to challenge me saying 'ultimate' or 'the fastest' and blah, so I take it. He seems to have confidence in speed-driving too, so he's a perfect opponent to play along. *laughs*
Knuckles: I don't have any particular racer in my mind. If I have to choose, I wonder what Eggman is up to.
Tails: Huh? Knuckles, don't you always care about what Team Dark is doing? The team Rouge is in?
Knuckles: Sh-shut up! I never cared about them, ever! *sweats*
Tails: Oh, is that so? Sorry. I'm a little worried about Amy's team. We kind of dragged them into the race, so...

Q: Please tell us your passion for racing!
Tails: Dodon-Pa's purpose for hosting this race is still unknown, but the racing where teamwork counts is really fun. Those of you who are reading this article: please experience the best part of team racing!
Knuckles: He promised us to give us these machines if we just win the race, so there is no way I can lose! I'll win the race and my beloved car 'Land Breaker' will be mine!
Sonic: Well, it looks like we all have different purposes, but I'm glad we made you interested in racing. This time, other teams have skilled members too, but us three are going to show the best run with our teamwork!

As a last note,
This "Team Sonic Racing", in which Sonic and his friends get on their racing cars to challenge dynamic racing in a team of three, will have various courses which are made brand-new or inspired from past works' stages, must-not-miss BGMs for the series' fans, customization to make the one-and-only machine, etc., etc. ...
This attractive game for every Sonic fan and car racing fan is finally coming out on May 21st!

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That's it for translation!

What do you think? I really like how they depicted the personalities of each character very well! So many points where series' fans will grin upon reading... :D

The next interview will be with Team Rose, coming in a week on April 30th! With Amy, Big and Chao together, I already know it is going to be chaotic and fun... ;)

Let's look forward to it!

And if you haven't already, check the original article for cool pictures!

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