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NDW's direct interview with TSR teams #2: Team Rose

News from 2019.04.30
Archived on 2019.04.30

Nintendo Dreams conducted an interview with each team of Team Sonic Racing!

The full article can be found on their vol. 302 issued this month, but they are also releasing a part of these interviews online!

Each interview-part will be released on Nintendo Dreams Web (NDW) from April 23rd onwards every Tuesday towards the game release on May 21st.

And I will translate all of them and collect them here on my archive blog!

Schedule for Team Sonic Racing racers direct interview:
#1: Team Sonic (April 23rd) - ORIGINAL / TRANSLATION
#2: Team Rose (April 30th) - you are here
#3: Team Dark (May 7th) - ORIGINAL TRANSLATION
#4: Team Vector (May 14th) - ORIGINAL TRANSLATION
#5: Team Eggman (May 21st) - ORIGINAL TRANSLATION

The second team they interviewed is... Team Rose!

【特別企画】『チームソニックレーシング』レーサー直撃インタビュー! その2「チーム ローズ」

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"[Special Project] 'Team Sonic Racing' Direct interview with racers! #2: Team Rose"

Sonic series' first team car racing game 'Team Sonic Racing'. The interaction between characters is also a charm point of this game. So we interviewed the racers directly!

Team Sonic Racing has a unique rule of competing in a team of three and aiming for the memberes' total best rank.
Since cooperation between team members is the key, the race is very lively with racers talking to each other during the match! Additionally, characters who recently had less chance to show up are joining the race too, and they show what they are capable of in 'Adventure Mode', in which they will challenge Grand Prix Race held by the mysterious host 'Dodon-Pa'.

Pic: Grand Prix host 'Dodon-Pa'
SS1: Sonic "Let's go check it out! Don't worry, even if anything happens, it's going to be fine for us!"
SS2: Dodon-Pa "Welcome to 'Wisp Circuit', the first stage of 'Grand Prix Race'!"

And this time, we conducted a "direct" Q&As with the characters who are going to challenge the Grand Prix Race as racers!
We are going to deliver this interview for each team in 5 separated articles every Tuesday.

For those of you who are huge fans of Sonic and his gang, and also for those who are not yet very familiar with them - please get to know their charm with this interview!

By the way, this is a project linked with Nintendo Dreams June 2019 issue (vol. 302).
There are questions and answers that can only be found on the paper magazine, so don't miss them!

Guests for the interview #2 are... Amy, Chao and Big, the three (?) from 'Team Rose'!

Amy Rose (Speed Type)
A girl who loves Sonic very much. She is an energetic and cheerful moodmaker, and her strong will and powerfulness could put men to shame. She joins the Grand Prix race as her good friends Chao and Big decide to participate in it.

Chao (Technique Type)
Pure, adorable and mysterious lifeform. Since they don't have a specific path of transformation and chage their appearance depending on other lifeforms they interact with, there are many forms of Chao. In this interview, the knowledgeable robot 'Omochao' (image top) talks for everyone!

Big the Cat (Power Type)
A huge cat who is leisurely and easygoing. A kindhearted and powerful guy whose hobby is lure fishing. He likes his best friend Froggy very much, and usually they live relaxed in the nature together - but this time Big rides on a car and dashes through the course! By the way, Froggy is staying at home for this adventure.

Q: What do you think of the unique rule of 'team racing' this time?
Amy: To be honest, I wasn't very interested in racing... but Big and Chao were very excited about it, so I decided to join with them too.
Big: Yeah~Because Dodon-Pa-san prepared very cool vehicles for us, you know~. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles seemed excited about it too~.
Omochao: Amy can run fast and Big is stronger than anyone. And us Chao are all good friends! So I think we all make a good team, Chao!
Amy: Thanks, Omochao. Right, let's show everyone in the race that we are the best 'best friends team'!

SS: Big "It looks kinda fun~. Can I come with you~?"
Caption: Initially, Amy, Chao and Big were going for picnic. Since Big and Chao showed their interest in Grand Prix race, they decided to join it as a team!

Q: What do you like about your own machine?
Amy: Let me see, my machine is cute and elegant over anything. Two-toned colors of pink and white, plus the round eyes are really adorable, don't you think? If I could go out for a date in a convertible like this one, it would be really romantic~.
Omochao: Our machine's unique feature is the four-seater which allows me to drive it together with other three Chao! Chao sit in the front cockpit, and my seat is behind them a little higher. I'm connected with the machine via network, so we don't have to control it, Chao!
Big: What I like very much about my car is that it looks similar to Froggy~. It makes me feel like I'm racing together with Froggy~.

SS caption: A special four-seater machine for Chao. It doesn't have any wheel for real!

Q: Out of the items you can use in-race, which one is your favorite?
Amy: By items you mean Wisps, right? Let's see...I think my favorite is Crimson Wisp's 'Eagle'. It flies automatically to your target without aiming, so it's very convenient!
Omochao: I like Blue Wisp's 'Cube', Chao! When you drop it as your are being chased from behind, you can slip the opponent, Chao♪ You can also throw it forward too, Chao.
Big: I like Froggy the most~. Because we are best friends~.
Omochao: Big, Froggy isn't an item you can use in the race, Chao!
Big: Oh is that so~? Sorry~.

Q: Which one is your favorite course?
Amy: Hmm, there were so many so I can't decide... but if I have to choose, I pick 'Market Street' with beautiful scenery of the city with stone-paved roads. There are many fashionable cafes and boutiques, so it's perfect for weekend shopping~!
Big: I like the course with warm ocean and the one with cold ocean with lots of ice~. I think I can catch lots of fish in both of them~.
Omochao: I guess the course Big is mentioning are 'Ocean View' and 'Ice Mountain', Chao. But both of you Amy and Big, your reasons for favorite courses have nothing to do with the race itself, Chao-!

SS caption: Drive in a beautiful city in 'Market Street'. You can even speed through the terrace seats of fancy cafe?!

Q: Are there any racer or a team you consider them to be your rival?
Amy: My rival team would be the team Sonic is in, for sure. Of course I can't beat Sonic in a running race, but this time it's a car racing, so we have a chance to win too. I will definitely win against Sonic and show him how cool I am! *laughs*
Omochao: I'm paying attention to Tails' tuning techniques! We are all participating with the machines Dodon-Pa offered us this time, but It's exciting just to think about how Tails, a mecha-genius, will customize them, Chao♪
Big: I'm always thinking about Froggy~. We are best friends, you know~.
Amy: Listen, he is NOT your rival or a racer this time! Jeez...

Q: Please tell us your passion for racing!
Amy: It looks like other teams are looking down on us thinking there is no way we can win a race, but they won't beat us with our teamwork! With our friendship power, let's beat those who underestimated us!
Omochao: Agreed, Chao! The Chao who will ride on my machine are also the strong ones who have experience of becoming the champions of Chao Race, Chao! It's been a while since they were in a race, so they are all excited for this one - there is no doubt we will become the champion, Chao!
Big: It's already fun enough for me by riding on this Froggy-like car, so I'll just try not to get in your way~.
*Chao Race: Appeared in 'Sonic Adventure' series. An obstacle race-like mini game in which you let the Chao you raise to join.

As a last note,
This "Team Sonic Racing", in which Sonic and his friends get on their racing cars to challenge dynamic racing in a team of three, will have various courses which are made brand-new or inspired from past works' stages, must-not-miss BGMs for the series' fans, customization to make the one-and-only machine, etc., etc. ...
This attractive game for every Sonic fan and car racing fan is finally coming out on May 21st!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That's it for translation!

What do you think? As I thought, Omochao is the one who has to stop Amy and especially Big before they go out of control, haha. Amy is more interested in fashion and Sonic than the race, but thankfully she still wants to win the match to impress Sonic. But Big - he only thinks about his best friend Froggy! Even Amy has to come back and pull Big back to racing. And he is the one who initially said he wants to join the race! ...Oh, and as seen in TSR: Overdrive, Chao can be fished with Black Market products. Uh-oh.
It seems like this cheerful and friendly team must to stick together and help each other very well to be able to reach the finish line!

The next interview will be with Team Dark, coming in a week on May 7th! Shadow, Rouge and Omega will or will not talk about the race... I actually want to know why they joined the race this time. I hope they address this question!

Let's look forward to it!

And if you haven't already, check the original article for cool pictures!

And if you want to read the whole interview immediately, and don't want to miss any questions and answers which were left out for this online version, if you can, buy your Nintendo Dream now!
Nintendo Dreams June 2019 issue (vol. 302) ( link)

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