SonicJPNews archive blog: TSR's Wisp Abilities revealed!


TSR's Wisp Abilities revealed!

News from 2019.04.19
Archived on 2019.04.19

Official website of Team Sonic Racing was updated with information on Wisp abilities!

Go to the official website first to check all the fun stuff on your own!
 The Wisps move!

There will be 14 different Wisps as weapons available!
They have different abilities in attack or defense while racing.

Let's look at them one by one!

1. Blue Cube
Places an obstacle that spins the opposing racers when they bump against it. You can also use it as a shield wall by launching it behind you.

2. Crimson Eagle
A homing bullet which chases and attacks the closest opposing racer ahead of you.

3. Orange Rocket
Launches a rocket which bounces when hitting against a wall.

4. Ivory Lightning
Attacks all opposing racers with higher rank than you with an unavoidable lightning.

5. Jade Ghost
Transforms you into a ghost who can drive through obstacles or other racers. Additionally, steals a Wisp from opposing racer closeby as the effect ends.

6. Cyan Laser
Shoots a laser which can spin an opponent.

7. Black Bomb
Spins opposing racers caught by the explosion after bouncing off from the ground a few times.

8. White Boost
Activates Boost Dash. The shock wave caused by activation protects you from incoming attacks.

9. Yellow Drill
Speeds through the course automatically while being invincible. The effect time depends on your current rank.

10. Pink Spike
Spiky balls appear around your machine and opponents who touch them will spin.

11. Red Burst
Blows fire from the back of your machine and spin opponents who touch it.

12. Violet Void
Bends the dimention and sucks rings and item boxes around you. It also sucks attacking Wisps aimed at you.

13. Grey Quake
Builds poles in front of the top racer. The user and their teammates won't be damaged when hitting against these poles.

14. Magenta Rhythm
Blocks the sight of opponents ahead of you with musical notes.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
That's about it!

It looks pretty fun with all the different Wisps and their effects! 14 is a lot. Can't wait to try them out!

Violet Void must be really fun to use.
Which one do you think is the most useful one?

Check out eerything about TSR and cool contents on this cool official website!

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