NDW's direct interview with TSR teams #3: Team Dark

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Nintendo Dreams conducted an interview with each team of Team Sonic Racing!

The full article can be found on their vol. 302 issued this month, but they are also releasing a part of these interviews online!

Each interview-part will be released on Nintendo Dreams Web (NDW) from April 23rd onwards every Tuesday towards the game release on May 21st.

And I will translate all of them and collect them here on my archive blog!

Schedule for Team Sonic Racing racers direct interview:
#1: Team Sonic (April 23rd) - ORIGINAL TRANSLATION
#2: Team Rose (April 30th) - ORIGINAL TRANSLATION
#3: Team Dark (May 7th) - you are here 
#4: Team Vector (May 14th) - ORIGINAL TRANSLATION
#5: Team Eggman (May 21st) - ORIGINAL TRANSLATION

The third team they interviewed is... Team Dark!

【特別企画】『チームソニックレーシング』レーサー直撃インタビュー! その3「チーム ダーク」


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"[Special Project] 'Team Sonic Racing' Direct interview with racers! #3: Team Dark"

Sonic series' first team car racing game 'Team Sonic Racing'. The interaction between characters is also a charm point of this game. So we interviewed the racers directly!

Team Sonic Racing has a unique rule of competing in a team of three and aiming for the memberes' total best rank.
Since cooperation between team members is the key, the race is very lively with racers talking to each other during the match! Additionally, characters who recently had less chance to show up are joining the race too, and they show what they are capable of in 'Adventure Mode', in which they will challenge Grand Prix Race held by the mysterious host 'Dodon-Pa'.

Pic: Grand Prix host 'Dodon-Pa'
SS1: Sonic "Let's go check it out! Don't worry, even if anything happens, it's going to be fine for us!"
SS2: Dodon-Pa "Welcome to 'Wisp Circuit', the first stage of 'Grand Prix Race'!"

And this time, we conducted a "direct" Q&As with the characters who are going to challenge the Grand Prix Race as racers!
We are going to deliver this interview for each team in 5 separated articles every Tuesday.

For those of you who are huge fans of Sonic and his gang, and also for those who are not yet very familiar with them - please get to know their charm with this interview!

By the way, this is a project linked with Nintendo Dreams June 2019 issue (vol. 302).
There are questions and answers that can only be found on the paper magazine, so don't miss them!

Guests for the interview #3 are... Shadow, Rouge, Omega from 'Team Dark'!

Shadow the Hedgehog (Speed Type)
A black hedgehog who looks identical to Sonic. An ultimate lifeform created by Professor Gerald, grandfather of Dr. Eggman. He usually stays calm and cold-hearted, and does not hesitate to choose any means in order to accomplish his missions. However, if it's a battle against Sonic, he could become hot-tempered!?

Rouge the Bat (Technique Type)
A female bat who is a treasure hunter focusing on jewelries. There were times she fought for Master Emerald against Knuckles. As she also works as an agent, she sneaks in the Grand Prix race to investigate Dr. Eggman together with Shadow and Omega. She is a calculating realist, but often times she has to take care of other team members!?

E-123 Omega (Power Type)
The strongest robot created by Eggman. Even though he has the strongest power, he was sealed in Eggman's base for a long time in the past, so he has a grudge against him. His only purpose is to revenge Eggman by destroying all mecha he made to prove own strength.

Q: What do you think of the unique rule of 'team racing' this time?
Rouge: I was a little surprised when I first heard that it's going to be racing in a team, but we three have accomplished numerous missions in a team in the past, so our experience level is not to be compared with others. When Shadow's speed ability, Omega's destruction force and my informativity are joined together, nothing is impossible. We are the strongest team, right, Shadow?
Shadow: Hmph, I'm not interested in team... I'm just going to do it my way.
Omega: Eggman's mecha are my targets! Do not get in my way!
Rouge: Oh you guys, come on...

Q: What do you like about your own machine?
Rouge: I like the small but high-output engine and easy handling of my machine. Even on rough off-roads, I can drive without losing speed. For the exterior, I find the sharp front mask and round hip line very sexy.
Shadow: Hmph! If I'm controlling, any machine will turn into an ultimate machine.
Omega: My machine is a mobile destroyer weapon. I will eradicate all Eggman's robots!
Rouge: Hey you two! Try to answer the question seriously!

SS: Behind the rear seat of Rouge's car, you can see a heart mark similar to her outfit!

Q: Out of the items you can use in-race, which one is your favorite?
Rouge: You mean the Wisps we can obtain from Item Boxes, right? I like Violet Wisp's 'Void'. Like a black hole, Void can collect any treasure around it, such as rings, or even Wisps the other players possess.
Shadow: My favorite is Cyan Wisp's 'Laser'. With it's laser beam, I can eradicate any fool driving in front of me.
Omega: My main weapon is Black Wisp's 'Bomb'. With this powerful weapon, I'm eradicating Eggman's mecha all at once.
Rouge: Oh my, so you guys can answer a question properly sometimes...

SS: 'Laser' beams straight from own car and can attack rivals at once, even those far ahead of you

Q: Which one is your favorite course?
Rouge: My favorite course, huh... I like the desert area which has 'Sand Road' and 'Boo's House'. With mysterious pyramids and numerous ancient ruins, that place must have hidden treasures... My treasure hunter self tingle with excitement when I think about it. Do you guys have any favorite courses?
Shadow: I have no interest in the location of the match... If there are challengers, I won't lose against anybody under any circumstances.
Omega: Frozen Junkyard' is a graveyard for Eggman's mecha. I will dispose of all of Eggman's mecha into Frozen Junkyard!
Rouge: Pfew, I was stupid to have asked that to you two...

SS: Frozen Junkyard - Disposal facility for Dr. Eggman's inventions. Towards the end of the course, a huge Death Egg robot appears which tries to burn down racers together with disposed scraps!

Q: Are there any racer or a team you consider them to be your rival?
Rouge: We are joining the race to investigate Eggman's evil deed, so it's a different from having a rival, but the team we care about is Team Eggman after all. He must be planning something and I can't take my eyes off of him. Right, Shadow?
Shadow: I'm going to make that annoying blue hedgehog learn the difference of our levels.
Rouge: Ah~ right, Shadow is always so obsessed with that Sonic... Omega, your rival is Team Eggman, right?
Omega: Team Eggman is not worth to be my rival! I will eradicate all mecha of Eggman!
Rouge: Fine, fine... So yeah, to sum up, Shadow's rival is 'Sonic' and Omega's rival is 'Eggman's mecha', it seems.

SS: In 'Adventure Mode', there are special courses in which you must destroy Egg Pawns which keep appearing one after another. So this is perfect for Omega, whose rival is 'Eggman's mecha'!?

Q: Please tell us your passion for racing!
Rouge: Well, to be honest, our purpose is not to become the champion, so we are not going to care about winning or losing the race. But to say the least, our team is the strongest, right? No matter who our opponent will be, we are going to give them short shrift. Hey, Shadow, Omega, say something decent at least for the last question.
Shadow: Hmph, I won't let anyone go ahead of me. I shall take out any fool who try to challenge me.
OmegaI will eradicate all Eggman mecha! I will prove that I am the strongest mecha!
Rouge: Well, the way they say it is kind of unsettling (bitter smile), but I guess you can feel their passion for racing.

As a last note,
This "Team Sonic Racing", in which Sonic and his friends get on their racing cars to challenge dynamic racing in a team of three, will have various courses which are made brand-new or inspired from past works' stages, must-not-miss BGMs for the series' fans, customization to make the one-and-only machine, etc., etc. ...

This attractive game for every Sonic fan and car racing fan is finally coming out on May 21st!

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That's it for translation!

What do you think of it?

As I was reading this, I couldn't stop laughing at how Shadow and Omega act like little boys with obsession to their 'rivals' and Rouge is there alone trying hard to make them answer the question properly like their elder sister... XD
Seriously, she talked much more than those two added together. Oh my, the ultimate edge and the vengeful little robot. Come on, boys - it's good to see you guys are focused on your goals, but also, do your work please! Aren't you there as agents for the investigation too?! XD

The next interview will be with Team Vector, coming in a week on May 14th!
This team is going to be very interesting too! Vector, Silver and Blaze - Vector isn't with his usual team Chaotix members, and Silver and Blaze - are they the two from 06 dimension? If not, it's possible that all of them are not familiar with each other! I wonder what kind of team dynamic they'll have.

Let's look forward to it!

And if you haven't already, check the original article for cool pictures!


And if you want to read the whole interview immediately, and don't want to miss any questions and answers which were left out for this online version, if you can, buy your Nintendo Dream now!
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